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About Us
Have you ever dreamed of the freedom of sailing a tall masted ship before the wind on the ocean blue to battle those you oppose, or towards the horizon with the sunset in sight?

Come to Pirates Destiny and sail the Caribbean - Role Play living the life of a Pirate, Sailing with Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company), as a Smuggler, as an Island Native, as a Merchant, a Vagabond, or as a Civilian?

Pirates Destiny is a full featured sim where you can own your own island, rent a house, or a small hut. Learn to make your own tools to mine silver and gold, to dig for treasure, or work your own farm. Work and sell your products or harvest for coins at our weekly market. But beware of the vagabonds in Nassau who try to separate you from your hard earned coin.

Meet people in our taverns and drink, eat, or even meet a wench or buck to make merry with. Come to Pirates Destiny and fulfill your dreams of sailing the ocean blue as the scourge or protector of the sea.

SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nassau%201700/130/145/3998

Pirates Destiny's purpose is to create and foster sailing communities who enjoy sailing roleplay in historical settings in the 1700's.

We have a strong commitment to the "Ocean Experience" for sailing and battle in a quality roleplay setting
– Historical settings that provides a unique Second Life experience
– Region quality control

Our Sims are designed for sailing and land roleplay in historical locales set in 1700's

Prims, lag, and scripts are monitored to provide the best roleplaying experience possible

Estate Admins try to provide 24/7 assistance and support

We constantly seek to promote activities to engage residents and visitors with the goal of fostering and encouraging Roleplay creativity.
Our thriving Community!

Our community provides rental opportunties that range from secluded tropical getaways to run down shacks and shantys. The choice is up to you! Inquire at the Welcome Center (What we call the "Roost") for more details

Pirates Destiny Islands:

Nassau - The center of trade and commerce
-Church and Cemetery
-Fool and Flower Tavern
​-Pirate Jack's Tobacco & Pipes

Tortuga -Several small islands

Pirates Harbor - Peaceful Home settlements

Shared Bounty - Home of SB Shipping and Trade

Martinique -
-J&K Seafood and Produce offering the finest, freshest seafood caught only in local waters.  Our produce is home grown in our artesian well watered fields, and fertilized by the dung of happy, satisfied bulls.

Trinidad - Peaceful Home settlements

Port Royal -
 - Home of Ulukumbu tribal village and temple.
 - Port royal dance hall on forest level.
 - Henge and combat arena also on forest level.

Jamaica - Home of the Merfolk

Barbados - Poukai Native Tribe
Aruba - A rough free haven for pirates and other riff-raff. An active buccaneer community. Rentals for all your needs. 

Curacao - The Continental Nav y prowl here

Montserrat - When will the volcano blow!

Roleplaying Opportunities

"But I get seasick when on the water!". Still Pirates Destiny is the place to be for seadogs and landlubbers alike. Our sim prides itself on being the foremost roleplaying location in all Second Life. Is the life of Pillaging and swordplay not your thing? We have exactly what you need with a booty full of treasure hunting and fun events to keep you happy. Want to be a Miner? Sure, A Lumberjack? sure, a Blacksmith sure again matey! Really the sky is the limit with our innovative Roleplaying meters and tools to keep you entertained for hours. Pick a role and off you go, its that easy! Be wary though, there be Pirates about!!
Pirate Destiny Library & Resources
Beginners Handbook
Mining Tutorial
General Sim Rules
Lumber Tutorial
ROE & RP Manual
Tool Tutorial
PD Meters & HUDS
Cooking & Recipes
Farming Tutorials
Fishing Tutorials
Approved Ships
Tutorials and Information
Abandon All Hope Inn
How to sail your ship
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We Need Your Ideas
Pirate's Destiny Is primarily a roll play sim and we want your ideas for new and different roll play.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please send your idea or concept to Pabo Chun, and he'll send it to the Sim Adminstrators for their consideration.

Role Play Corner

All events are in Pirates Destiny unless otherwise noted
  1. October 1st
    * Battle -> 6PM - Navy vs Pirates - (Amanda) * RP-> Nassau Tavern After battle until 8PM SLT Free food & drink
  2. October 2nd
    * Battle -> 12PM - Pirates Destiny vs Antiquity (every 2 weeks, Rain) * Battle Races 2PM (every 2 weeks alternating with Antiquity, Rain)
  3. October 3rd
    * Event -> 10AM - Aruba Mer Dance (Ellie and Bee) * Battle -> 12PM - Small, light and free ships FFA (Stacy) * Event -> 4:30PM - Melee Contest (Allie)
  4. October 4th
    * Battle -> 12PM - Steampunk air battle (Stacy) * Battle -> 6PM - Sloops and Schooners (Xi) * RP-> Nassau Tavern After battle until 8 PM SLT Free food & drink
  5. October 5th
    * Battle -> 12PM - All approved ships FFA (Stacy)
  6. October 6th
    * Event -> 12PM - Admin Meeting * Event -> 12PM - Belly dance (Juliet)
  7. October 7th
    * Event -> 8AM - Church (Kezzy) * Event -> 9AM - Mer ball games (Lexia or Sandy) * Event -> 11AM - Town Meeting * Event -> 12PM - Market day
  8. October 8th
    * Event -> 6PM - Admiral Joawny's Battle in Pirates Destiny (Pirates vs Navy) * RP-> Nassau Tavern After battle until 8 PM SLT Free food & drink
Pirate Destiny Leadership
  1. Sim Owner
    Sim Owner
    Melissa Thorvalder
  2. Sim Co-Owner
    Sim Co-Owner
  3. Sim Co-Owner
    Sim Co-Owner
  4. Battles Coordinator
    Battles Coordinator
  5. Adminstrator and good source for info on Skills and Crafting
    Adminstrator and good source for info on Skills and Crafting
  6. Programer and Coder
    Programer and Coder
    Migizi North
  7. Administrator, Programer and Coder
    Administrator, Programer and Coder
    Gently Sleeps
  8. Administrator and Social Media Manager (Facebook & Flickr)
    Administrator and Social Media Manager (Facebook & Flickr)
    Fluer Heartsdale Chun
  9. Administrator
  10. Administrator
    Zan Zelin
  11. Administrator, Website Manager, source for info on Harvesting & Mining
    Administrator, Website Manager, source for info on Harvesting & Mining
    Pabo Chun
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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
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