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Trivia Night at Nassau Tavern

Th' first trivia night was held at th' Nassau Tavern Friday. Mistress Gwen served as hostess o' th' party. BeekeeperWes, Cheeryana,Lily Von Magic, MadPhantasmagoria, Sandy62 Waco, 'n Lexia Moonstone. was there. Th' big winners o' th' night were Sarren Nardieu best Rper fer th' night, 'n Granni Rirka¡ who got most answers right. Both of them won the PD weapon of their choice. Join us next Friday. at 5 PM SLT

As ye can see, Mistress Gwen was quite serious about enforcin' th' rules 'n controllin' rabble at th' event.
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Break in Thwarted by Continental Admrial

Th' other night, Rear Admiral Rain o' th' Continental Navy was workin' late in her office when she heard th' forw gates o' th' fort openin'. Investigatin' she found a large scallywag creepin' up th' stairs 'n battlements.

When th' miscreant came back down 'n tried t' force th' cabin doors, Rain opened fire. He attempted t' charge her several times but she reloaded 'n fired jus' in time t' stop 'im, finally puttin' 'im down fer good.

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Unidentified Flying Ships (UFS) Reported

Recently many reported strange ships flyin' in th' skies. 'tis reported that they flew mighty erratically 'n th' cap'n was either drunk or high on cannabis.
Pirate Trials: Hung by the Neck Until Dead
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Abandon All Hope Inn

​Abandon All Hope Inn, where we feature fair to middlin' Grub, good Grog, and great Company. Not to mention the lively' Troubadours n wanderin' Musicians that come through our doors. We host live Entertainments on weekends on our wharf, such as The Bloody Pirates Band o' ruffians, and other ne'er-do-wells. So stop on by n grab a meal, play some cards at our Poker table, check out our Music or just get Stinkin' Drunk~ We always got room fer one more at Abandon All Hope Inn!​​
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“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves.”  

The war began when an alliance of Denmark, Norway, Saxony, Poland and Russia sensing an opportunity as Sweden was ruled by the young Charles XII, declared war on the Swedish Empire, and launched a threefold attack on Swedish Holstein-Gottorp, Swedish Livonia, and Swedish Ingria. Sweden parried the Danish and Russian attacks at Travendal and Narva respectively, and in a counter-offensive pushed Augustus II's forces through the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth to Saxony, dethroning Augustus on the way and forcing him to acknowledge defeat in the Treaty of Altranstädt. The treaty also secured the extradition and execution of Johann Reinhold Patkul, architect of the alliance seven years earlier. Peter I's forces had meanwhile recovered from its defeat at Narva and gained ground in Sweden's Baltic provinces, where he cemented Russia's access to the Baltic Sea by founding Saint Petersburg. Charles XII moved from Saxony into Russia to confront Peter, but the campaign ended with the destruction of the main Swedish army at the decisive Battle of Poltava, and Charles' exile in the Ottoman town of Bender. The Ottoman Empire defeated the Russian-Moldavian army in the Pruth River Campaign, but that peace treaty was in the end without great consequence to Russia's position.

Can you hunt down the Witch? Ever wonder what happened to those Roswell Aliens?? Do have a friend or partner you would like to show a thing or two in payback?? Or do you simply want to eat, drink and dance yourself to oblivion?? LOTS of fun and surprises await! Mark those calendars and be sure not to miss!