Roleplay, Regular events & History

Pirates Destiny is a multiple sim pirate role play and sailing estate, based in the early 1700s. It  also has a forest level that connects all sims, making it perfect for riding horses and farming bringing visitors all what they need for perfect role play. You can sail, farm, mine, build, make and sell or trade crafts for coin. No matter if you are a experienced player or a new one, there is something here for everyone. 

Pirates Destiny was founded in December 2014. The estate was created to keep the pirate's dream alive, sharing the fantasy with like minded scallywags, rogues and ruffians. They had help from too many to be named along the way, to make this what we be thinkin' is the best place in all the world. Pirates Destiny is the gateway for trade to the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. It's the golden age of piracy, rife with possibilities and intrigue. The ocean teems with life. From the sweet simple fish of the deep to the groaning hulls of galleons pushing through the waves, in battle. Not to mention the Beautiful but deadly Mermaids!

An important point to keep in mind, this Sim is designed for Roleplay. Though Roleplay is optional here, thus wearing our meters is not manditory, please keep in mind that many of the skills will not work if not wearing our meters. A key component of our roleplay is the stanima skill and thus the exertion used to do any roleplay will impact on that. In fairness to all unless you wear the meter you will not be able to mine, cut trees down, pick fruit ect ect.

Another point to keep in mind is although The Sim is historically based, the history made here is what we create through roleplay NOT what is in the history books. All, historical precidents will be clearly established through Roleplay and such actions must have a basis through review of Roleplay documentation. So all roleplayers must use the "Merchant" Chat so a record of such Roleplay exists and then keep copies of "Local"  chats to establish historical establishment.

Outside groups are strongly encouraged to participate in our roleplay, however in order to set "Policy" in our roleplay you must have an established (read rental here) base of operations. Those who actually rent and belong to our groups will be given first consideration on any roleplay. The sim Owners (Melissa Thorvalder, Silhenna and Nickybnaughty) have the FINAL say on what will be accepted as approved roleplay and the way it is conducted.

Most of all ... Have fun! Below you will see many of the Roleplaying and event opportunities we have to offer. Take advantage of them and enjoy your roleplaying experience.

  1. Profession and Skills
    Our sim prides itself on being the foremost roleplaying location in all Second Life. Is the life of Pillaging and swordplay not your thing? Want to be a Miner, Lumberjack, Farmer. Chef, dive for pearls?Really the sky is the limit. Pick a role and off you go!
  2. Marketplace
    Every Sunday, there is marketplace. This is the chance for those hardworking merchants to show off their skills in selling and trading commodities that they produce during their roleplay. Fast paced and fun, certainly a highlight of the week!
  3. Naval Battle Events
    Of course the sea is where we live and we be Pirates after all, fighting stealing and pillaging! Come join us in the many sea battles and races scheduled throughout the week. Show off your seamanship and cannon skills. Are you born to rule the seas or be decorations for the Mers below?
  4. Regular Social Events
    Special events are scheduled throughout the year but also take advantage of our regular events, like church, our sexy belly Dancers and regular DJ/live music concerts at our taverns. Keep an eye on our calendar for all the fun.
  5. Raincloud Trade & Shipping Warehouse
    Sail in, make your purchases and sail home. No White Flags and Watch for Pirates! Will barter for items.
  6. J & K Seafood and Produce
    Offering the finest, freshest seafood caught only in local waters.  Our produce is home grown in our artesian well watered fields, and fertilized by the dung of happy, satisfied bulls.
  7. The Fool & Flower Tavern
    Ahoy Maty's, to Ole Fool & Flower Tavern at th' docks o' Nassau. Ye ole tavern be named aft our tavern keepers Pabo & Fluer Chun, ye can decide which be th' fool 'n which be th' flower. All be invited ta come 'n an hoist a tankard 'n ta toast Neptune 'n his Mermaids!
  8. Juliet's Belly Dancing
    Held every Saturday, currently on Port Royal region, this is a social event that all can join in. We dance to a mixture of eastern Celtic and pagan music. Dress code, dancing silks, 18th century and pirate themed outfits would be preferred, Women and men may be topless.
  9. The MerFolk
    Pirate Destiny is also a beautiful and peaceful underwater home for Mer! We have a growing community of active members who are involved in the role-play and trading in the sim, but mostly have great fun together!
  10. Abandon All Hope Inn
    Features Live musicians on most Sunday afternoons 3pm to 5pm SLT, and is open other times when the proprietress damned well feels like it. We feature PD Grub & Grog, a waterfront stage, dining room, bar, gaming room, upstairs sitting room. We rent rooms for PD coin or lindens
  11. Chapel of God's Wings
    He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and fortress. Psalm 91: 4
  12. Sea Tiger Enterprises
    In the forest above Martinique, surrounded by rice fields, goats and woods. Intimate fine dining, large parties, seating available on decks for sunset or sunrise meals. Exquisite seafood, meats, special recipes. Great for romantic dining or parties. Geisha performances available upon request,
  13. Mayan Temple on Port Royal
    Near the coast on the island of Port Royal sits an ancient temple. It is overgrown but not disused as the local tribe use it to meditate and make offerings to their deity. Are you brave enough to explore the secrets of this lost civilization?
  14. Pirate Jack's Tobacco & Pipe
    A place where discerning pirate gentleman and Ladies for that matter can come to scheme, chat and relax smoking their favorite tobacco grown here right on these Islands!
  15. Shared Bounty Shipping & Trade
  16. Fluer's Fine Arte
    Originals sketches and wall murals featuring famous sea battles between the Navy and Pirates as well as sketches of the islands found around Nassau. Custom orders accepted.
  17. Your Business Here!!
    Got a business in mind? Rent an affordable property and Go for it! be the center of attention and be in the know of the local gossip and roleplay

Do you have an idea for Roleplay?

As we said earlier, life here at Pirate Destiny is what you make it. Our life and history is determined by YOU the roleplayer! Do you have an idea for Roleplay? Then by all means initiate it, however if your roleplay impacts sim wide, then its best to approach one of our Administrators or Sim owners with your ideas. We can help make your experience even more enjoyable with the resources needed to fullfill your ideas!
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